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ARC Book Review: Sound of Sirens by Jen Minkman

Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) - Jen Minkman

Minkman's book, Sound of Sirens, is an enthralling story filled with secrets, sirens and a blooming forbidden romance between two people of two different worlds.

On the island of Skylge, the Skylgers struggle each day because they have no electricity and stand mostly defenseless when the Nixen attack. The Currents are the opposite of Skylgers; they live in fortified high-rise apartment buildings, they have loud music that drowns out the merfolk call and ultimately, they have electricity. In addition, the Currents protect the people by the bright, shining light of the Brandaris Tower. Thus, the Skylgers, the original settlers of the island, are underlings of the Currents because of that. It’s quite ironic, isn’t it?

Enna and Royce met officially when her brother, Sytse, came home and brought her a record from the mainland. She was confronted by Royce because he wants the LP and it was the only copy the ship brought in. Enna wouldn’t sell it to him for it was a gift, so they agreed to meet in secret. She will bring the LP and Royce will play it on his record player so that they both can enjoy the music. Then, one night when Enna was going home from Royce’s cottage she sees a shadow figure coming out of the old hut. It was her brother.

What was he doing? Why was he there? What is he hiding?

Sirens, romance and secrets that can change everything.

I am a sucker for romances especially in books that have forbidden love because it makes everything more exciting and dangerous, don't you think? The couple's pain, sacrifices and struggles for their love - bittersweet. Just as I like it.

‘Sound of Sirens’ is a refreshing, captivating read and is definitely one of my favourites. I highly recommend this book! The author’s writings never fail to captivate me and make me feel as if I am experiencing it first-hand through reading, in any of her books. That said, Minkman did a wonderful job by including the music that you can hear and feel it as well while reading. A different feeling for every song.

I loved how Minkman has written the family's relationship and roles. It wasn't just the title or label of being a family member, but she also shown the interaction between all of them. Minkman clearly depicted how a specific family member do, think and act in its own way. I agree with their decision on why they hid things from Enna. They know her so much and she stubbornly denies that she would act impulsively. A few pages later, my reaction was like, "Oh well would you look at that. She couldn't keep it without blurting out a thing for a week or two".

On a different note, I am happy to see how Enna and Royce's relationship progressed. I wasn't instant love and there is no love triangle. Yay! The last chapters of the book were challenging for them both. I wonder what are they planning to do next. I'm so thrilled!

Minkman ended this book with a lot of questions unanswered. I just hope I will get answers when I read the next book, Light of Lorelei!

I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

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