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Book Review: Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis

Cage of Deceit: Reign of Secrets, Book One - Jennifer Anne Davis

My excitement when I read the synopsis of this book was overflowing. A princess by day and a vigilante at night, I told myself I HAVE to be part of this blog tour! I really enjoy reading these kinds of books and this one, Cage of Deceit, did not disappoint! I haven't read any of Jennifer Anne Davis books before so this is really a great start for me because ... THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.

I will advise you that I will probably have a lot of typos and could-not-put-into-words feelings in this review because I'm still caught up in the moment. Let's just say I have been staring at my e-reader for 10 minutes at the last page of the book and exclaimed WHAT in which I thought I said it internally. Say, why don't you buy this book like right now. *winks* Anyway, I'll count off the things I loved about Cage of Deceit.

Allyssa is a great protagonist. She is fierce, loyal, passionate to her kingdom and to the people she cares about. Her stubbornness, the don't-get-in-my-way attitude, is empowering and the fact that she sneaks out at night to help hunt criminals and visit her best friend proves it. I loved that she wasn't a damsel in distress; she can fight, wield daggers, shoot arrows and can take down men. I just was a bit ticked off when she chased down a criminal, arrogantly taunting him and the nothing-I-can't-handle attitude and she got mad when she got punched in the face. And also the times when people talk to her that they have to discuss something of importance and she isn't even curious to what they are going to say. Hmm.

To the other characters, who should I begin with? First, Darmik and Rema are probably the greatest parents ever. Almost perfect. I loved how they do not force what they want to Allyssa like when she must marry Prince Odar of Fren for the sake of their kingdom, Emperion, yet they give her a choice that if she isn't comfortable with it, it's okay with them and they will find another way to fight and defend against Russek. Second, I admired Grevik's loyalty as Allyssa's best friend. A true friend indeed. Lastly, Marek, Mayra and Madelin, I loved how they all know each other deeply; a great company to be with.

To Allyssa's relationship with Prince Odar and Jarvik, I knew that would happen, just not the last part. True story: I kind of felt what Allyssa felt. I mostly wanted to punch Jarvik in the face on the first half of the book amongst other things I felt. This book frustrated the hell out of me. Like I said, could-not-put-into-words feelings. Why you do this do me, beloved author?

I loved it. I loved almost everything on Cage of Deceit. That said, I felt that it lacked on action and it focused more on Allyssa's developing relationship with Jarvik. Nevertheless, it was amazing. I think you will be too. Now, GO READ IT. *mails Cage of Deceit to you*